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Statement of Purpose for PhD in Pharmacology

My Philosophy of Graduate Education in Pharmacy
Pharmacy is a discipline of science that dictates the health and disease. Continued education and research in every branch of pharmacy are needed for the health care, therapy, and prevention. I believe that my graduate training in the science of pharmacy will enable me to accomplish my goals in educating myself and others, to conduct research, and also to contribute my skills and knowledge to the welfare of the society. Why Pharmacy as Undergraduate Major?

Pharmacy is my passionate field where the scope for learning is vast as it deals with science of drugs. I developed a deep-seated love towards the discipline of pharmacy while I was an undergraduate student in pharmacy. During my middle school days, my grandfather played a crucial role in my decision to choose pharmacy as my undergraduate major. While he was registrar of the state Pharmacy Council, I often used to follow him to his work and read the invention patents of the drugs generated by several drug developers and scientists. Along these lines, I have also developed sincere passion for biology as a part of my middle and high school curricula. This inculcated tremendous passion and zeal in me to join the pharmacy school. I successfully got admission in Bachelors of Pharmacy at the JSS College of Pharmacy, one of the most top three reputed and prestigious pharmacy institutions in India. Academically, I was at my best throughout my pharmacy undergraduate training and maintained consistency. As a result of that, I came out among the top 10% of the class. I had excellent interactions and intellectual exchanges with my peers and faculty members that helped me acquire excellent organizational skills, healthy interpersonal relationships, and sense of responsibility and commitment to work. Being on the district cricket team and winning trophies in athletic competitions have made me a team player. Memorable...
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