State of Wonder/ Ann Patchet

Topics: Amazon Rainforest, Amazon River, Manaus Pages: 4 (1614 words) Published: June 18, 2013
April 19th (Chapter one)

The first chapter started with a big mess which triggered a lot of confusion in me. At the beginning there is the death of Dr.Eckman. The news came in a form of a letter that Mr. Fox came to deliver to Marina. The relationship between Marina and Mr. Fox also was confusing at first with him being her Boss and I guess also her lover. Dr.Eckman and Marina worked together for seven years, which made the news shocking for her. When I picture myself working with someone for so long and all of a sudden hear from someone else that they are dead i would have been shocked too. I think that the hardest thing was to deliver the news to Dr.Eckman’s wife, I would never want to be in this position, especially when he has three children, which just made it harder for Marina. It is understandable that Karen (Dr.Eckman’s wife) would have a hard time to accept the fact that her husband is dead, but I was really surprised when she asked Marina to go to the Amazons to find out what exactly happened to him. “I know how much I’m asking, Karen said. And I know how terrible you feel about Anders and about me and the boys. I know that I’m using all of it against you and how unfair it is and I still want you to go. “

April 26th (Chapters Two-Three)

Marina agreed to go to fly to the Amazons, but, did Karen or Mr. Fox had the right to ask her to go there? I don’t think so, but then the question raises; was it a -selfless gesture for Karen or did Marina have her own motives to there? After Marina’s big accident in medical school, back when Dr.Swenson was her teacher, would make the trip even harder, forcing Marina to confront her past. Marina still hesitated to go; she stopped by Karen’s hose, hoping that Karen would give up that unnecessary trip. “Both of the women thought it was -important to say goodbye, though for different reasons. Marina...
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