Stanley Tookie Williams

Topics: Crips, Gang, Los Angeles Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: April 26, 2012
Stanley Tookie Williams III

Stanley Tookie Williams III was born on December 29th 1953 in New Orleans, Louisiana to a younger mother at 17. The family was abounded by his father in 1959. Shortly after his father leaving the family him and his mother boarded a Greyhound bus headed to Los Angles in hope to find a better life for them both.

As I young child he found it more interesting to be in the street than be at home. He had become the new kid on which led him to be subjected to the neighborhood bullies. He quickly learned how to defend himself threw fighting. He was fighting neighborhood bullies at age six. Learning how to fight at age six is a bit ridiculous. As a member of the black male species living in the ghetto he would either become the prey or the predator.

With the lack of parental guidance he had become immersed in the violence-taking place in Los Angles. He grew up looking up to drug dealers and pimps. His first job as a teen was to patch the and feed dogs used in dog fighting rings. The dog would evenly be beaten or shot by the owners and gamblers and hustlers. The betting had become to young boys fighting, Williams was paid to enter the fight and beat the other challenger to the point they were unconsciousness. William would hide the horrors he had saw and performed.

Williams was usually absent from school. He would be destined to be “dis-educated” described as the impaired and diseased knowledge he received in school and in the street. He had come to the conclusion that he would be better off in the streets. Through fighting he had met several friends, with whom he frequently stole and made quick money as a bootblack. “Bootblack” a person employed to polish boots and shoes. One of his new friends name was Raymond Washington.

The two of them created an alliance that was called the Crips, which was founded to protect the neighborhood from larger gangs. The original Crips consisted of about 30 members but they soon would split...
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