Stanley “Tookie” Williams

Topics: Crips, Crime, Gang Pages: 2 (588 words) Published: March 25, 2011
Stanley “Tookie” Williams
Jameelah Green
Hillsborough Community College

Marsha Frazier
Juvenile Delinquency

Stanley Tookie Williams was more than just a “GangBanger”; he was a man of honor and sought fourth to take care of his community regardless of the mistakes he has made. The Cultural Deviance Theory would define Stanley because of his upbringing. Bring brought up in Southern California was rough back in the 70s. There was a lot of violence, hatred, racism, poverty among this generation. Stanley Williams is a example of a cultural deviance theory because growing up learning from the neighborhood street kids he began to come fearless. Tookie saw how the other little small gangs were becoming s threat to society, so he and another msn by the name of Raymond came up with their own gang called the crips to protect their neighborhood. Ever since the start of the crips in the year of 1979, the gang grew bigger and bigger and not only stop protecting their neighborhood but destroy and terrorize the neighborhood. 2 years later, Raymond was murdered and Tookie was sentenced to Death Row for the murder of four people. Some say that Tookie is innocent because he was considered a suspect and wasn’t given a fair trial because three black jurors were dismissed from the case. Even though he was sentenced to death he should have been granted clemency because his righteous to help out a lot of youth gang member to stop the violence amongst the same race. Stanley could have just not let his gang go further than what it has become because he had the most power amongst everyone. Everyone looked up to Williams because of his strength an his control he had over people. Even when Stanley had gotten locked up, he still tried to control his gang. Some listened, some did not, but he still fought for change. Stanley did not have a lot of criminal activities as child that would be considered as outrageous. But most would still put him as the blame for his soldiers (recruits)...

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