Standard of Care and Medical Practice

Topics: Health care, Health care provider, Patient Pages: 4 (1083 words) Published: March 8, 2015
Standard of care and Medical practice

Jose Konde


January 25, 2015

Everyday Health care professionals are entrusted with people’s health care and, therefore, their lives. The nation does not give this responsibility softly; it comes with the reasonable conditions that Heath care providers, who are the ones that the patients trust, obey by rigid professional, ethical and legal standards.

The word scope of practice is known as the rules, the regulations, and the boundaries within which a complete professional practitioner with considerable and acceptable training, well informed, and experience can exercise in a field of medicine or surgery. This work is made with needs to keep education professional responsibility (Defining Scope of Practice, n.d.). Physicians, nurses and other health care providers are asked to understand and memorize each of their own scope of practice and to obey and respect those rules throughout their career. Because, when the patient goes to the doctor, the reason for that is to get better. Sadly, that not always happens. Cases of medical malpractice occur more frequently than we would like to. Health business is very dangerous when is not well managed, there are a lot of small mistakes that leads to big problems which change life’s of innocent people in a way that is impossible to change it back. That is the main reason that the Health care provider have to follow the term scope of practice at all times to avoid cases like the one of Sr. Albert (video “The Quality Gap: Medicine’s Secret Killer”). There are Health care providers that work in Emergency Room facility, so they will follow a scope of practice appropriate for their area of work and responsibilities. For example, a PA or a Physician Assistant. The work of a PA consist in follow the orders of a Physician who is answerable of the work of the PA’s performance and professional performance with the patient. All the methods that the Physician does regarding...

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