St. Francis of Assisi

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St Francis of Assisi
During the medieval ages many people depended on religion. Upon those people was Giovanni di Pietro di Bernardone, also known as St Francis of Assisi. Although St Francis lived a life full of wealth and content, he did not feel fulfilled by the way he lived his life. St. Francis was born around 1182 C.E. in the Italian city of Assisi. The son of Pietro di Bernardone and lady Pica he liked to speak French and fell in love with France and was given a good education, but was not a scholar. For instance, Francis spent most of his time partying and “enjoying” life. He savored a very rich and effortless life where no one governed him and he was free to do what he pleased. Everyone adored him and he became the leader of a group of people that were addicted to participating in immoral acts. Therefore, Francis did not feel complete with his life as a wealthy person; he wanted to be a noble. Francis felt that battle was the perfect place to obtain the glory he strived for. For example, in 1202 Francis got his chance for glory and declared war on Perugia. This shows that although he was held captive for a year, chained in a harsh dark dungeon, he did not change his style of life. As a result he returned to his life full of wealth and pleasure.

Soon after his release Francis became ill, and this caused him to consider the course of his life. Subsequently, in 1205 he set out to join an expedition, but again felt ill. For example, Francis heard a voice telling him to return to Assisi, Italy. He later reflected on his life and had a change of heart. As a result, Francis’ change of heart was symbolized by his encounter with a leper, a person suffering from leprosy, outside of Assisi.

Afterwards Francis devoted his life to prayer and contemplation of God and Jesus of Nazareth. He gave all of his possessions to the poor and managed to change the trajectory of his life with the help of god. For example, Jesus spoke to Francis in the church of St. Damian,...
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