Sports in America

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Mert Zoral

Mert Zoral


Sports in America

Sports in America, as the 20th century, created a different age. There were no National Football League, no National Basketball Association, no Rose Bowl, no professional tennis or golf and no NASCAR esc... There was only one league in Major Baseball League. And also there we no radio, no TV, no ESPN and even no Internet. Fans were learning their favorite team or player only through the written word. Over the years thing were changing and America was becoming a very different place than it had been for its first 150 years. So briefly, everything was changed when Americans began to be interested in sports. With baseball people started watching more sports because it had been around for 50 years. After that, people were begun more interested in sports and that led the creation of other sports. Cars

One of the most important steps in American History was the invention of the car also know as the automobile. The first working steam-powered vehicle was designed Ferdinand Verbiest, around 1672. This news was the incident of the year. He invented the most useful vehicle for those years. You could use or drive it for transport, to go somewhere easier or to have fun. After that Henry Ford created the second biggest incident of those years. He was the inventor of the Ford. He did not invent the automobile; he just developed the first automobile that many Americans could afford to buy.
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