Spoon River Anthology (Monologue)

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Critical Analysis on building your monologue

Jonathan Swift Somers
1. AFTER you have enriched your soul
2. To the highest point,
3. With books, thought, suffering, the understanding
of many personalities,
4 .The power to interpret glances, silences,
5. The pauses in momentous transformations,
6. The genius of divination and prophecy;
7. So that you feel able at times to hold the world
8. In the hollow of your hand;
9. Then, if, by the crowding of so many powers
10. Into the compass of your soul,
11. Your soul takes fire,
12. And in the conflagration of your soul
13. The evil of the world is lighted up and made clear--
14. Be thankful if in that hour of supreme vision
15. Life does not fiddle.

When viewing over Spoon River Anthology written by Edgar Lee Masters, various monologues came into consideration for further analysis. Although these numerous monologues were considered its speculation would became discarded when I read “Jonathan Swift Somers”. The words of “Jonathan Swift Somers” are profoundly revolutionary and holds a much deeper meaning that what lays on the surface. Its words are strongly close to my own personal life in which very few would be able to truly comprehend.

When reading over this piece my interpretation of it is that I am a father that is 44 years old that is speaking to his son about his life at the age of manhood (18 years old). The reason that I am speaking to my son about his life is because I see him suffering the same way that I have. I see my son having the same exact troubles with expectations from society, School, Family, Friends, Co-workers and everyone in-between. Although my son is striving to achieve these expectations that all these external forces have placed on him, he feels miserable. Simply because he’s not living up to his own expectations of becoming a magician, due to the fact that he works fulltime hours at a pizza store when being a full time student at college. He simply doesn’t have time for much of anything because his college major “Biology” takes up majority of his free time as he continuously has to study to maintain his 4.0 GPA. The reason why he has taken Biology as a major in college is because majority of the people around him told him to pursue becoming a doctor because of his high I.Q. and the pay that comes along with being in that profession . As my son becomes more aware that he has become further away from becoming his life aspirations he tells people in his family, friends and others that he was going to drop college in order to pursue his passions full time. When people are informed of that decision, opposition from every side except for his dad pursues him. So reluctantly he stays in his college pressed with opposition from all sides with the awareness of the separation between his passions and actions and mounting student loan debt. The setting is in my house around 1 AM I go downstairs to my kitchen to get water because I was thirsty. As I am walking down the stairs of my house I see my son sitting down on the dining room table, where the only light that is turned on is shining on the back of his head as he is facing downward looking at his glass of Bacardi. The reason why he is about to drink it is because he’s trying to alleviate all the stresses that he has been facing during the last year. It is apparent to me that he is drinking to overcome his stresses in life because he is expressing similar body language as I was when I was his age. Thus I go over there with the sole purpose of trying to get my son to understand that he has to live up to his own expectations of becoming a magician in order to be happy in life. The tactic that I use as a dad is educating (in a rather informal way) my son about what he will face on this path in order to persuade him to follow his dreams. The physical action of putting down his drink shows that the father is successful in his purpose. To get into the specifics of how I came up with this...
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