Spirited Away Evaluation

Topics: Hayao Miyazaki, Studio Ghibli, Spirited Away Pages: 3 (860 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Anthony Trelli

25 October 2012

ENC 1101 Section 152

Dr. Donna Burns Phillips

Spirited Away
A few years ago Hayao Miyazaki, a great Japanese animation director, created an anime movie called Spirited Away. This spectacular animation is no exception to Hayao Miyazaki’s directing as it contains thoughtful messages, imagination, and a happy ending. Spirited Away’s evaluation meets all the requirements of a great animation movie. This classic fairytale ending of happiness takes viewers on a beautiful journey of nature’s existence with a smile. Spirited Away is about Chihiro, a ten year-old girl, who takes an amazing journey to the land of spirits. It begins when Chihiro and her parents are driving, because they have decided to move to a new home in a strange town. During this journey Chihiro’s father decides to try to take a shortcut and ends up at the entrance to a long tunnel. Chihiro begs not to to proceed, but her parents insist that they take a look. To their surprise at the end of the tunnel is a a theme park filled with food. Chihiro is very weary not to eat the food, while her parents are eating immense amounts of it. When dusk comes, Chihiro is terrified when she starts seeing spirits roaming around. Being terrified, she runs to find her parents, and finds out they were turned into pigs. Haku, a mysterious boy, helps hide her from this unfamiliar and dangerous spirit world. Haku disguises Chihiro and plants her in a magical bath house that is used to replenish spirits. In order to stay there and figure out a way to save her parents she must find a job there. After working very hard there and working with the spirits, she finally saves her parents. A great film always has criteria that must be met during evaluation. First the audience must stay interested. A movie must take the audience to a place beyond their own lives, taking them to a world beyond the limits of their imagination. A great trait would be the movies ability to make people...
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