Spinal Cord Injury Case

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Abstract This spinal cord injury case is about my 50 year old brother named Kevin that fell off our mother’s roof and fractured his vertebra at the T5-T9 level. He is now a paraplegic that has come to live with my family. What is his functional level to this day? What are the capabilities and functional limitations for someone with this paralysis? These are some of questions that will be addressed in this study. A person with a spinal cord injury needs some assistive devices to enable them to be somewhat mobile. A wheelchair and a new device called a Tech RMD were purchased to make daily tasks less challenging. The rented home he will be living in needs some modifications made to the exterior and interior, to accommodate a person with this paralysis. We will be looking at every room that he will be living in and make changes to them based upon the observation and measurements taken at the on-site visit from a physical therapist. A wheel chair ramp and grab bars are examples of some adaptive devices that might be added to the home for Kevin as a result of the on-site visit. The funding for this and some other things will be covered from a few fund raisers and donations from the local community made on his behalf. The final result of this study shows the limitations that a paraplegic overcomes to live the most independent life they can. It also shows that some technology and modifications to a home can make this transition easier too.

SPINAL CORD INJURY CASE STUDY 3 Spinal Cord Injury Case Study The patient is my brother Kevin, a 50 year old male, whom was of normal health prior to the accident. Kevin lived with our mother and was on the roof doing some maintenance when he fell some 20 feet to the ground. He landed on his back and fractured his spine at T5-T9 level. The result was a complete paralysis of both lower extremities, otherwise known as paraplegia. This condition comes with many limitations that make everyday life challenging. He will need modifications to his living environment, which will be discussed in this case study. Capabilities

The capabilities that accompany this spinal injury are full head, neck, and shoulder movement with normal muscle strength. He will also have full use of arms, wrists, and fingers (Kelen, Tintinalli & Stapczynski, 2004). He will have the ability to transfer independently from bed to chair, chair to furniture, chair to car, and vise versa. A manual wheelchair will be used for everyday living. The ability to drive a car adapted with hand controls will be possible for this type of injury. He has the ability to breathe normally and is independent in personal care. Communication skills are normal for this type of injury also (Kelen, Tintinalli & Stapczynski, 2004). Functional Limitations

The functional limitations that accompany this injury are complete loss of use of the lower extremities, therefore unable to walk. Depending on upper body strength, assistance may be needed in wheelchair transfers. Partial domestic assistance will be required, such as heavy household cleaning and some home maintenance. A paraplegic has the inability to maintain moderate duty employment which would require standing and walking. The limits a paraplegic face will stay the same as time goes on. The way they approach them will progress as they figure out how to live with them. Present Functional Level

Kevin’s functional level at this time is full use of head, neck, and shoulder movement with normal muscle strength. He has full use of hands and fingers. Transfers from the wheelchair to the bed, car, and some home...
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