Speech : the Near Death Experience

Topics: Death, Afterlife, Near death experience Pages: 3 (777 words) Published: December 31, 2012
The life after a coma
Have you ever wanted to get outa your body be able to fly to sneak into a conversation to be somewhere where nobody can see you , to float in the air ?? Well that happened to about 20 million on european population and 12 million of the american population who had been through near death experience . These phenomena are usually reported after an individual has been pronounced clinically dead or was in coma or very close to death for a little moment (usually it vary in time between a few seconds and a few minutes) no more than that otherwise ur definitely dead . First im gonna talk about the common steps and proceeding of a near death experience and how ppl live after undergoing that Then ill talk about how science react to those phenomen . and its skepticism .

near death experience
It occurs to ppl who have havd serious accidents and were announced dead for couples minutes or ppl who woke up after a coma for a certain period of time. psychiatrist Raymond Moody wrote a book about what it is like to die in wich he examined 150 case of NDE experiencers.. He identified a common set of elements: * an overwhelming feeling of peace and well-being, including freedom from pain. * the impression of being located outside one's physical body. * floating through darkness, sometimes described as a tunnel. * becoming aware of a golden light.

* Flash back to childhood sort of life review
* experiencing another world of much beauty.[3]
we find out that there is generaly 5 steps
1. Peace
2. Body separation
3. Entering darkness
4. Seeing the light
5. Entering the light

How do they handle the fact that they experience death .

This somehow changes their life
No matter what the nature of the experience, it alters some lives. In those experience They can Look at what they ve done
They could feel how their behavior affected other . they claim that they connected to their source and learnt that...
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