Speech on Fall Out Boy

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Informative Speech

I. Introduction
A. Short Story, Unhappy Ending, Forget Me Not; all previous possibilities to name one more infamous than famous punk band, Fall Out Boy B. Although widely listened to across the world, much of the band’s fan base does not know the entire story behind the band. By listening to the radio, millions of people have become familiar with a few pieces of the bands work, such as Thnks Fr the Mmrs, Sugar, We’re Going Down, or, most recently, My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark and Alone Together. C. How the band was formed, the initial albums, the hiatus, and also the solo careers of the members all contributed to the creation of their most recent album, Save Rock and Roll, and has shaped the band into the sensation they are today.

II. Main points
A. Band members/how the band formed
A.1. Pete Wentz – bassist/primary lyricist
A.1.1. Played in several hardcore punk bands around Chicago with friend Joe, decided to start own band in 2001 A.2. Joe Trohman – lead guitar
A.2.1. In the same year met high schooler Patrick in Borders, discussed band Neurosis A.3. Patrick Stump – vocalist/rhythm guitar/primary composer A.3.1. Initially auditioned for drums, but his vocal talent was discovered and took over as lead vocals A.4. Andrew Hurley - drummer

A.4.1. Several drummers were in the position before Andy auditioned and joined permanently two years later

Transition: The band was actually nameless for the first two shows B. 2001-2009
B.1. According to Brian Hiatt in a 2007 edition of Rolling Stone, the guys asked audience to give name ideas B.1.1. Fallout Boy was shouted in reference to an episode of The Simpsons B.1.2. In 2002 a split EP (shared album consisting of singles and extended plays) with Project Rocket was released with the name Fall Out Boy B.2. Mini-album Fall Out Boy’s Evening Out with Your Girlfriend was released against the bands wishes in 2003 B.2.1. Andy Hurley became permanent member in the line up

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