Speech for Jackie Kennedy

Topics: John F. Kennedy, Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, Richard Nixon Pages: 3 (798 words) Published: November 4, 2013
Jackie Kennedy
To enlighten on the late but great first lady

I. Introduction
a. Opening----Have you ever wondered to yourself what being the first lady would be like? Helping the president make huge decision’s on the countries best interest. Being the main idol and fashionista you can be during the presidential run. b. Thesis---- Today I am going to be talking to you about one of the greatest women/icon that had ever lived. The late but still great Jackie Kennedy. Her amazing skill in staying strong though her late husband’s death and later reliving her life with another men and her children. c. Preview---- I am going to be talking about Jackie growing up, preparing for the First Lady role, and then after presidential life. II. Body

a. Main Point 1---- Jacqueline Lee Bouvie Kennedy Onassis was born 1929, Southampton, New York. Her father’s name was John “Jack” Vernou 111. Her mother’s was Janet Norton Lee. Jackie’s parents got divorced in 1940. Her mother had gotten married a second time. And also a third time. Jackie was the eldest of two siblings. She had a younger sister Caroline Ross. After her mother had gotten remarried so many times she eventually had many step brothers and sisters. The family that she was grown up into was a Roman Catholic religion. Before life at the White house Jacqueline Kennedy wrote essays and poems that were published in local newspapers. In her high school newspaper she drew a cartoon series and won an award for literature. 1. Sub-Point----

2. Sub-Point----

Transition----After finally growing up Jaqueline had some major turns about to happen in her life b. Main Point 2---- Soon after getting out of high school Jackie submitted an entry to the famous magazine Vogue Paris contest. The winner got to spend half a year in New York and the other half in Paris as a junior editor for the magazine. She had one the prize of going to Paris. Her mother did not want her to leave the U.S. So therefore she had to give away the prize...
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