Specific Purpose Statement: to Inform My Classmates About the Affects of Drinking and Driving.

Topics: Drunk driving, Driving under the influence, Remove Intoxicated Drivers Pages: 3 (864 words) Published: May 5, 2010
Public Speaking
Sample Informative Outline #2

General Purpose: To inform.
Specific Purpose Statement: To inform my classmates about the affects of drinking and driving.
A. Attention getter: Imagine you are sleeping; your phone rings and the person in the other end of the line tells you “I am sorry to inform you that your love one has been in a DUI accident.” i. A DUI accident?

ii. But they don’t drink or even get in a car with a drunk driver. iii. Not an image you would want to have
B. Orienting Material: According to cdc.gov in 2008 11,773 people were killed in alcohol-impaired driving crashes (2009 statistics have yet to be release later this year). Of the 1,347 impaired driving fatalities among children 0 to 14 years, and of the 216 child passenger ages 14 and younger who die in alcohol impaired driving crashes about half (99) were riding in the vehicle with the alcohol impaired driver. C. Preview: Tonight I will like to inform you on what I have learned about how families and friends are also victims of a drunken driving accident, and when drunk driving affects your life. D. Thesis/Central Idea :

A. When thinking of a DUI victim we only seem to think of the person who got injured or has passed away, and we even sometime think of the drunk driver who has cause the accident iv. No one really thinks about the family and friends of the victims as victims them self’s. 1. Family members life are forever change they are left to deal with their lost, there grief and the big task of moving on. During that process they will speak upon their tragedy to those who will listen. 2. Friends are just left behind with the memories develop during the years and the “What If” questions hanging over there head if they were the last to be with there dear friend. v. According to randomhistory.com. On average there is someone in the US who...
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