Special Forces

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Jacob Barnts
English 101
Holly Maloney
Research Paper-United States Special Forces

"Almighty God, who art the author of liberty and the champion of the oppressed, hear our prayer. We, the men of Special Forces, acknowledge our dependence upon thee in the preservation of human freedom. Go with us as we seek to defend the defenseless and to free the enslaved. May we ever remember that our nations, who's motto is "In God We Trust," expects that we shall acquit ourselves with honor, that we may never bring shame upon our faith, our families, or our fellow men. Grant us the wisdom from thy mind, courage from thine heart, strength from thine arm, and protection by thine hand. It is for thee that we do battle, and to thee belongs the victors crown. For thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory, forever. AMEN." This is the prayer of the United States Special Forces, they recite this prayer every single time before they leave for a mission to go and help the oppressed. These men that make up the four branches of special forces are the toughest of the tough and the best of the best. They endure rigorous training exercises such as Ranger School, Halo School and the most challenging and physically demanding Scuba School; they push themselves to the limits of the human body. These brave men willingly go and travel into the worlds worst shit holes like the deserts of Afghanistan, or the jungles of Vietnam all because they love the country they live in and they want to preserve the freedoms that they and their families cherish so much. These organizations are working together to change the world by taking the title of United States Special Forces and preserving this countries rights and freedoms that we all cherish and value so much as well as helping America maintain the status and reputation of the super power of this world as we know it.

The majority of the special operations and or special forces units go through the same training as each other do with the exception of the Army Rangers. The Army Rangers are at the top of the food chain when it comes to special forces in the Army. These men endue a sixty-one day training camp where they are beaten bruised and just torn apart in order to prove that they are good and strong enough to stand in front of Victory Pond at Fort Benning and have the coveted Ranger pin tacked to their shoulder. The training that these men endure for roughly two months is insane. The mission or objective of all of this training is to "Conduct ranger, reconnaissance, and surveillance leader courses to further develop the combat arms related functional skills of officer and enlisted volunteers who are eligible for assignment to units who's primary mission is to engage in the close combat, direct fire battle. Rangers."(North 74). The men that attempt to go through this Ranger schooling have to go through a period of five different phases before they reach step six at Victory Pond. "Ranger students are given a variety of challenges in the in initial of training designed to weed out those who's physical or mental conditioning are lacking"(North 74). The first phase is called the Benning or Crawl Phase. During this twenty one day long training camp these soldiers will perform many physically and mentally exhausting exercises in order to figure out which men will have what it takes to keep their mind straight in the heat of battle, as well as motivating each other to keep pushing forward to complete the mission. now since they can't actually shoot live rounds at the men or mortars and what not, they make these men work as hard as they can under field conditions where they have little food, sleep and little time to complete whatever their task may be. So in other words they practically starve the soldiers and don't let them sleep hardly ever if at all and a lastly they give them a task that is virtually impossible to complete in the time limit that they are given. All of these tasks that these...
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