South China Sea

Topics: Critical thinking, Assessment, Essay Pages: 3 (545 words) Published: April 6, 2013
To be attempted by: LW453 students
Maximum length: 3000 words
Worth: 30%
Due: 15 April 2013


The Research Essay involves research and drafting original and critical legal analysis of an international environmental law issue, related to the treaty you have selected in teams for the tutorial assessments.

Research essays will be assessed on the basis of evident understanding and identification of the relevant legal principles, analysis and evaluation of the issues, quality and depth of research, critical and interdisciplinary approach, organisation, structure and adherence to the USP School of Law guide for legal referencing. Clarity of expression, presentation of argument, responsiveness to question will also be taken into account. Students are expected to extend research beyond course materials and references prescribed in the study guide. The research essay will be assessed, comprising 30% of the final course mark

The topic of the assessment is on the implementation of the treaty. What are the difficulties? Are there any incentives? How are disputes resolved? How are developing countries coping with the issue? (These questions are some examples to guide your research only; it is not a plan for your presentation). You may choose one country to illustrate the implementation.

You are encouraged to express a view on the issues you are analysing, providing your view is supported by the research you present. Outside research and use of primary and secondary authority must be demonstrated.

You should make sure your essay is well structured with a clear introduction that explains what it is that you are going to explore, a body to the essay in which you develop a clear and persuasive evidence based argument, and a...

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