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Topics: Life, Shakespeare's sonnets, Iambic pentameter Pages: 3 (1044 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Isabella Martin
Courtney Medel
English F
December 10, 2012
Midterm Essay
What happens when you realize that turning a year older doesn’t mean to have achieved one more year of life, instead being one year closer to death? Uncertainty and fear will take hold of you and this is all due to time. Time has the power to give us joy, but it also has the power to give us mourn and sadness. William Shakespeare portrayed the idea of time being destructive in many of his sonnets. In the following essay, sonnet 73 and sonnet 64 will be compared and contrasted based on their theme and content. (These two sonnets share the same theme: time.-omit-) Although time gives you life while you are growing, it also takes away or creates a barrier with the dearest things in human life: love. In sonnet 73, the speaker show how time has shortens his life to the point of being very close to death. However, the speaker is also certain that no matter how old he is love will only keep on being strong. In contrast, in sonnet 64, the speaker says that time has always the power to take away the most important things in human life, yet it would not take away love from him. In first place, both sonnets have the same theme in common: time. They both refer to it in a negative way. In sonnet 73, the speaker compares himself with an autumn tree, with twilight, and with the fire glowing from the ashes to give across the fact that he is getting old. The speaker says he had been “Consumed with that which it was nourish'd by.”  In other words, he has being eaten up by time, which was something that once fed him, or gave him life. In sonnet 64, the speaker focuses more on what time has destroyed for mankind: monuments, towers, nature, and that it will never stop to take away things from humans. The negativity in time shown in this poem is basically the fact that there is nothing to do against time, since it has the power to even “come and take love away” from people. Additionally, these two sonnets...
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