Song Representation
Topics: Gender, Haemon, Bias, Creon, Antigone, Song / Pages: 5 (1129 words) / Published: Aug 27th, 2013

Song Representation of Antigone The song I chose to represent Creon is Pray by Sunny Hill. The song pray fits Creon because in several lines of lyrics fit regret and guilt of what Creon had done. A couple of the lines from the song related to Creon asking for Tiresias help but then not liking the answer, for example "Someone told me to pray to dream, that it will come true no matter what it is. Tell me everything- look at me and tell me, tell me to please stop." Inside Creon knew Tiresias was right telling him that punishing Antigone was the wrong thing to do, but Creon was to late to stop and realize his mistakes. Just like in the lyrics, Creon wants to know the prediction but also does not want to know in case he made a mistake. Other lyrics in this song represent Creon at the end of the play. "The sighs sound cruel and harsh. but I can't hear anything- no sound of salvation, I pray and I cry out for someone to save me. It gets worse and worse the more I grieve for you, cry for me and I'm sorry." These lyrics represent Creon after both his wife and son kill themselves. They describe how guilty and heartbroken he is about their deaths and how it will only get worse with time. The song I chose to represent Haemon is In Heaven by JYJ. The song fits Haemon with his feelings for Antigone and how he kills himself because Antigone dies. A couple of lyrics from the song are, " Don't go, don't leave me, can't you stay by my side?," these lyrics connect with how Haemon does not want Antigone to die. A lyric that represents how Haemon is quick to kill himself instead of listening to his father is, "lies, all lies- I don't hear anything." In the song there are lyrics that express how Haemon killed himself because Antigone died, " Just end it, end me, If you're not going to be next to me. I'm sorry, but I'll leave now following your footsteps. Following the road with no end, as I wander to find you." These lyrics relate to Haemon because he did end his life because he

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