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I crave your pardon, royal kin,
Whose praises cheer my heart so well;
If I should wound some feelings by
The story I mean to tell.
Deep loves which I alone have known
I venture to reveal to you.
They echo here within my heart
As fond desire will ever do.A thousand aching memories—
I think shall never be forgot—
Still whisper to me in the air
Of loves that love me not.
My first love was a hidden sun,
A dawn which never came today,
But like a lovely knot of hair,
It fluttered loose and fell away.
My second love was ecstasy,
A glorious, glowing hidden fire
Which burned within my secret breast: No other guessed my deep desire- A golden gong of perfect tone
Whose notes were lost within my heart; Another knot of lovely hair Which trembled loose and fell apart apart.My third love was a letter sweet, It was sealed but never sent,
Contrived of futile fantasies,
And all my hours to love were lent.
My love was my cousin too,
And so no word was ever said;
We could not speak the thing we felt,
For plainly we could never be wed.And so he chose to marry wealth And look a bride of noble rank,
Whom I beheld without a tear
To tell the bitter cup I drank.
My fourth love fills me yet with joy
As recollections flood my mind,
For he was rich enough to give
Great wedding gifts of every kind.He did not dare to tell his love Because, no doubt, he was too shy,
And my high parents seemed to him
Like mountain peaks against the sky.
Besides, his heart was also drawn
By some fair maiden, we heard,
Who shone like moonlight in his eyes, And whom his relatives preferred.My fifth love was a sweet perfume Which set my eager mind a whirl; A fragrant flower which faded fast: His parents chose another girl.

My sixth love was a strong south wind
Which gently fanned this breast of mind Till dark clouds gathered in the south And soon the sun had ceased to shine.
Did he not swear his love was sure And...
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