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SONA 2014
Reaction Paper

President Noynoy Aquino delivered his fifth State Of the Nation Address or SONA last July 28, 2014 and discussed important matters that he and his government have accomplished and wants to accomplish for our country. I only wanted to focus my reaction on his statements about our economy and education in our country.

In his speech, the government meant well. There was no admission of any major problems in the system, and nothing about what is eating the country from the inside and out: corruption. If you were visiting from Mars and randomly dropped into one of the comfy Batasan chairs to hear the president’s speech, you would probably feel very optimistic about living in the Philippines – the improvements, the country’s acceleration, and the implied contentment of the citizens; it almost sounded too good to be true. Why would the president tell things that would ruin his name and his government right?

President Aquino started his Fifth SONA recounting how the Philippines, once called as the “sick of man of Asia” and transformed into one of the most promising economy in Asia. He shared how the Philippines became one of the leading countries in Asia for its growth in GDP and GNP. He also noted that the employment rate of the country had increased and reflects how his administration handled the labor policies. With the various economic growth, President Aquino had also broke the news that the next year's Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit or APEC Summit will be held here on our country, another proof that the country is indeed again on the center stage for international business. How can you say that your country's economy is improved/improving when there is inflation on the prices of the basic commodities? Just recently, it is all over the news that prices of rice, sugar, meat, garlic, oil, and others have increased but the wage of workers didn't. For the people in the middle or lower class,...
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