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Something Wicked This Way Comes Response

By endlessnight Oct 18, 2012 791 Words
Something Wicked This Way Comes
1. In my opinion, one of the best moments in Something Wicked This Way Comes was when Will and Charles were trapped in the mirror maze. The reason I like this scene is because I believe it shows how Charles changes as a person. In the beginning of the book, Charles wasn’t very ‘brave’ and didn’t accept himself. However, when Will told him that he loved him and accepted his dad the way he was, Charles began to believe in his self. Because of this, Charles was able to laugh at the carnival, specifically at the mirror maze, and was able to destroy it. I can very much relate to this event. For example, there are times when things that happen don’t allow me to accept myself. Also, because of my low self-esteem, I can’t always laugh at the mistakes I make. However, there is always someone that can lift my spirits up and tell me that it’s okay to be different. In my case, the people that motivate me are my mom and dad. In Charles’ case, it’s Will. 2. My favorite place from the setting is the library. To me the library is like a whole different world. It’s not just a place full of books: it’s a place that you can explore and learn new things every day. I go to the library at least once a week, and read as many books as I can per month. The reason I love reading is because you can escape reality and enter the world of the character(s) in the novel.

The library was an important place in Something Wicked This Way Comes. For example, at the beginning of the novel, it showed that both Jim and Will like to read, but their taste in books are different. Their taste in books reveals their personality. I, like Jim, actually like fictional books more than other genres, but both are still fun to read. Also, I think that the library showed part of Charles’ character. Libraries are usually quiet, so maybe that’s why Charles is quiet and lonely. However, even though Charles wasn’t exactly the risk-taker, it didn’t stop him from trying to prevent Mr. Dark form finding the children or letting the Witch kill him. Overall, the library brought out the personalities of the major characters. 3. My favorite character in Something Wicked This Way Comes is Charles Halloway. In my opinion, he is the most complex character in the whole story. In the beginning, I actually didn’t like Charles that much because it seemed as if though he felt too much self-pity for himself. Then, as the story progressed, he became more responsible and grew a higher self-esteem. Charles realized that he was okay the way he was; it didn’t matter if he was old or different because as long as he and his son accepted him, that was all that mattered. Charles was definitely the “roundest” character in the novel. I feel that this ‘Charles Halloway’ could actually be a real person because he actually seems human. What I mean by human is that he changes in beliefs, ideas, and even personality. I believe that if Charles hadn’t accepted the way he was, then he probably would have become one of the carnival’s freaks. In fact, it was because of his self-acceptance that he was able to ‘defeat’ the carnival.

In a way, the Charles at the beginning of the novel kind of reminds me of myself. Sometimes I find it hard to be me because I feel that I’m too weird or different than others. However, when other people say I’m okay, I can also accept myself. 4. One of the most important themes in this novel is friendship. This theme is one of the factors that kept the plot together. For example, I think that Jim and Will’s friendship was what kept Jim from riding the carousel at the beginning of the novel. Their friendship was so strong, that they trusted each other completely. In fact, they had such a strong friendship, that they did everything together. They snuck out at night, went to the library, and explored around town together. Their friendship shows that even if things get rough between friends, if you are really good friends, then you will always stay friends.

In order for me to form a very strong friendship with others, we need to trust each other and be honest with each other. I don’t like people who pretend to be nice and compliment you just because they don’t want to be mean. It’s better to be told the truth, even if it hurts, than be fed with lies.

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