Some Ways Poor Decisions Can Affect Our Lives

Topics: Thought, Family, Suicide Pages: 2 (738 words) Published: April 3, 2013
As people we make poor decisions from time to time throughout our lives based on personal desires or simply because we are going through a tough situation in life. Do we, in making these decisions, pay any real heed to the effects and consequences that we could suffer and how they could not only affect our lives, but the lives of others surrounding as well? For the majority of people the answer to that question is typically a no. Making poor choices can ruin our reputations and our futures by placing ourselves in unfavorable situations and/or causing distress to others.

A large part of how our lives get ruined from making poor choices is due to how easy it is to find ourselves in stressing or even helpless predicaments. Most of us are shocked when we realize that we are losing the trust of others around us, but the reason for that is because we never follow through with what we say or because we choose to lie or steal. For example, sometimes when we are asked and trusted to do something and we say or promise to do it, but we end up deciding not to do it. Or occasionally we choose to steal something, get questioned, chose to lie about it, but end up getting caught in the end. At those points what we’ve just chosen to do is disregard all the trust that someone has just given you and stomped on it which, in turn, makes that someone begin to lose trust in you for each and every time we decide to disregard their trust. Next thing you know that someone has just lost all trust in us and has told others around us about how untrustworthy we are and now we find ourselves in a stressing situation where we’re untrusted by many, which could begin to damage our reputations and our futures for good. At times we think the choices we make are the right ones only to regret ever making those choices and wind up in jail or dead and hence, we’ve just found ourselves in a helpless dilemma. There have been many stories of people who decided to go to parties or places with friends,...
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