Some people believe that there is only one foolproof plan, perfect solution or correct interpretation. But nothing is ever that simple. There is always a "however."

Topics: World War II, Nuclear power, Cold War Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: March 11, 2014
When one is presented with a problem, someone comes up with a solution. That solution may help mitigate or even completely solve the current problem. However one should know that nothing in this world is a foolproof plan or perfect solution for every solution, underlaying problems will sprout from it. One should not believe a solution is ever permanent for there is always a however. Present in history and science, to every superficial solution lies a obfuscated consequence: the "however."

After the end of the Civil War, industry became the new focus for America. Railroad Construction, oil refinieries and steel production paved the way for the industralized American future to come. It is because of this rise in industry that America becomes a world power, rivaling Britain and Germany. However with the rise of mechanized parts came the rise of its problems. Rise of industry caused a greater split in social structure, horrible working conditions, insanitary tenements and urban slums which made cities seem like landfills rather than the popular tourist attraction they provide today. The formation of unions and many violent strikes occured from the rise of factories and industry.

In science, the development of nuclear technology was ground-breaking. The nuclear technology innovated and tested during World War II was fascinating. It provided the quick but still violent end to WWII with the surrender of Japan. What was first believed to be just a "bigger" bomb caused over 200000 deaths in Nagaski and Hiroshima in Japan. The rise of nuclear technology helped end WWII but gave way to the Cold war with the Soviet Union. This war brought fear to both the U.S. and the Soviet Union citizens.

Also present in science and nuclear technology are nuclear power plants. Just 38 years after the drop of the first atomic bomb on Japan, such devestating power is used in a more useful and beneficial way: producing a source of energy. Nuclear power plants provide a more cleaner...
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