Some Differences Between India and the Usa

Topics: Family, Marriage, India Pages: 2 (685 words) Published: September 4, 2012
Cultural Differences

As human beings, we all have same needs and share similar values irrespective of which part of the world we live in. However, there are differences in how we live our lives based on which culture, traditions or religions we follow. Though India seem to be adopting western culture a lot in a fast phase, One can still see how differently an average Indian goes through some important phases of his/her life when compared to an average American. The three important areas, where one can see many differences, are student life, dating customs and family relationships.

The student life in India is a little different from the student life in the US. In India parents take care of their kids until they get settled, in some cases even after that. Kids live with their parents if they college is in the same town or city. Students in the U.S. start living on their own once they turn 18 and very few kids get financial support from their parents. In India, most of the students don’t work while they are in college. Parents do not encourage them to do odd jobs. They always want their kids to spend more time on studies. On the other hand, in the U.S. students do part time jobs and earn enough money to pay their bills. In India, a very few students involve in sports and in extracurricular activities, while they are in college. In most of the colleges there won’t be any sports teams. On the contrary, in the U.S. all most all colleges have different sport teams and students get a chance practice their favorite sport in their college years also.

Another big difference between the US and Indian cultures is their dating customs. Dating is not socially accepted in India. Very few people date before their marriages in India and those who do, do it secretly. On the other hand, in the U.S. dating is very common and usual and they do it openly. In India people are not allowed to go out with someone on dates...
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