Some believe that population growth will eventually outstrip world resources, is this threat a major concern?

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Some believe that population growth will eventually outstrip world resources, is this threat a major concern?

On October 31, 2011, the seven billionth people of the world was born in the Philippines, rapid population growth in developing countries, the disparity between the rich and the poor, inadequate allocation of resources and other issues need our attention again. The Third World is particularly problematic; Robert Malthus (1798:98) believed that grain growth cannot be synchronized with the population growth potential in the long run, the population size and the ability to support a huge rift between the inevitable, leading to famine and wars over resources. As Dr Eric Tayag of the Philippines Department of Health (2011) said, the government and people should really focus on the problem of world resources, which whether will be education, shelter, food, clean water and a decent life for every child because seven billion is a number that should be thought about deeply. Currently, there is an increase of nearly 80 million people in the world annually and a prediction of approximately 9 billion people in the world in total in 2050. Overpopulation has a tremendous impact on the environment, economy and society. Although the population growth will be an important problem that we need to be taken into account, it may threaten our life to a certain extent.

Source: United Nations (1999) and the U.S. Census Bureau (2008)

Not only the resource issues, but also the environmental issues have a close relationship to each country or everyone, which also is a major global problem. Due to the rapid growth of the population in the world, the demand for natural resources is increasing, and thus will become increasingly acute shortage of natural resources, such as incorrect treatment is bound to affect the stability of the country and social development, resource issues are worldwide serious concern.


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