Solitude and Box Man Par

Topics: Solitude, Loneliness, Thought Pages: 2 (344 words) Published: October 9, 2013
The Box Man
Reading Notes
pars. 1-2 Description of the location and the author’s attitude toward the Box Man par. 3 Physical description of the Box Man
par. 4 Describes how the Box Man has a method to sorting out the boxes par. 5 Box Man sets up his box home
par. 6 Describes the Box Man as a normal casual person
par. 7 Concludes that the Box Man’s life is normal
par. 8 The main point of the essay that one chooses to be alone par. 9 Barbara Ascher compares her life with the novel, The Boxcar Children par. 10 Explains the comparison
par. 11 The Boxcar Children and the Box Man have simple lives par. 12 The Box Man has a life of the mind and he chooses solitude. par. 13 Shows the difference between solitude and loneliness pars. 14-15 Describes a woman who is lonely

par 16 There are rhetorical questions about the woman for the readers to ask themselves if they are lonely par. 17 Describes another lonely woman who lives in an apartment across the way par. 18 Shows that the Box Man chooses a life that is solitude than being lonely par. 19 Explains the thesis about loneliness and solitude

par. 20 Children, teenagers, and adults understanding solitude par. 21 Gives the audience something to think about with an example
After reading, the subject is clearly about loneliness. The author states her thesis in paragraph 8: “One could live like this. Gathering boxes to organize life. Wandering through the night collecting comforts to fill a doorway.” In other words, we must except our loneliness. The author’s audiences are people who need to understand the methods of loneliness, like the Box Man, who enjoys being alone, and the lonely woman across the way, who doesn’t like it. Barbara Ascher’s purpose is to show the readers the issue of choosing or not choosing to be lonely.

In explaining what loneliness truly is, Barbara Ascher gives examples like the woman across the way that lives alone with many cats. What is loneliness? The Box Man is lonely but...
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