Software Engineering

Topics: Requirements analysis, Software testing, Software engineering Pages: 42 (9756 words) Published: March 20, 2014

K. J. Somaiya Institute of Engineering
Information Technology
Sion, Mumbai - 400022

Department: Information Technology

Academic year: 2011-12

Lab Manual

Class –T.ESem - VI

Subject: Software Engineering

Version: 2

K.J.Somaiya Institute Of Engineering And Information Technology

Department Of Information Technology

Class – T.ESem - VI

Subject: Software Engineering

List of Experiments:

1) Detailed Statement of Problem for selected Case Study-Name

2) Create Software Requirement Specification in IEEE format for Case Study –name

3) Project Scheduling Plan using any Project management tool

4) Draw Use case & Class Diagrams for case study using any Analysis and Design Tool.

5) Draw Data Flow Diagram for Case study using any design & analysis Tool

6) Draw Control Flow diagram for Case study using any design & analysis Tool

7) Prepare & design code for stubs & drivers.

8) Change specifications and make different versions of case study using any SCM tool

9) Test Driven software Development

10) Apply web engineering for any web based application

Experiment No: 01

Aim:Detailed Statement of Problem for selected Case Study-Name of case study

Software Used:MS-Word/any text editor


Write detailed statement of case study selected as
Sentences explaining whole system in detail.
Interaction between system entities

List all entities present in DSP
List all attributes of each entity
List all functions of each entity
List all interactions /relationships between all entities as statements Conclusion:
DSP of the selected case study is created as a document datewise. Identified & documented no. of entities attributes, operations and relationships. Author:RoggerPressman, J.Rambaug
Reference Books:1.Software Engineering-A practitioners Approach-6thedn 2. Object oriented analysis and Design

Experiment No: 02

Aim:Create Software Requirement Specification in IEEE format for Case Study –name

Software Used:MS-Word/any text editor

Introduction-Case Study details (eg. Online Book Store Case Study). Purpose
The main purpose to create online book store is to provide different books to all types of user.The user doesn’t need to go anywhere in search for a book.The book are recognized either by ISDN no or Author name. Database of book and customer or user has been maintainedThis is the first release version V 1.0.0. There are various packages with different offers that user can select and can make his trip comfortable.

Document Conventions
The font with all bold letters indicates the acronym and all other font indicates related touristic places. In this document tourism industry is known as GoIndia Tours. The higher priority thing is specified with other font with italic.

Intended Audience and Reading Suggestions
This software is intended to be read and check by all the developer, project manager, document writer and designer who are involved in any means to provide any help in software development. The reader must go through all the technologies aspects and requirements listed in this file. The sequence for reading this file begins with overview section and proceeding through the sections that are most suitable with each ongoing activity. Product Scope

Online Bookstore is a system in which user can get the overview of the book. After over viewing of the book the customer can purchase the book either by credit card or PayPal. Through this user can order book by just visiting site The source code of this project is available free of cost so the future modification can be done.

IEEE Std 830-1998 IEEE Recommended Practice for Software Requirements. Books: Java the complete reference
Overall Description
Product Perspective
It is a self contained product. It gives user the broad vision about...
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