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Topics: Sociology, Newspaper, The New York Times Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: December 21, 2013

The news “Editor exodus continues at NYT”, written by Keith J. Kelly, talks about the continuous high-profile editors’ resignation from New York Times to other media companies for a potential better career development, which seems to indicate that the New York Times is not dominant in the news industry as it used to be. However, a Times spokeswoman insisted that they are not worried about the loss of top editor because they are still hiring the new journalistic talent. There are many of sociological conceptions and arguments I find in this article.

Firstly, there are three basic elements of social structure in this article, which are social roles, groups and social institution. Roles includes Jill Abramson who is the New York Times Executive Editor, departees such as three recent exits Brian Stelter, Matt Bai and Hugo Lindren, Times spokeswoman Eileen Murphy and the new employees such as David Pogue. Groups are comprised of three members, they are New York Times, other media companies take Yahoo! News for example, and our viewers. When it comes to social institution, there are two of them, city government and the media.

Secondly, two obvious sociological conceptions occur in this news article, they are impression management and face-work. Impression management refers to a process that a person or a group attempts to influence other’s opinion about something. In this case, despite the fact that many top editors left NYT to pursue better opportunities, the Times insisted that they are still having the large size of the newsroom and hiring new great talent, she said this to tell the public that NYT is still one of the tops in the industry, in order to attract new talents. She also tried to send the signal to the investments and viewers, after all, they are the people who brings the company prosperity. The analysis also works for the concept face-work, which means the efforts people make to maintain their proper image and avoiding public...
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