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Topics: Sociology, United States, Iraq War Pages: 5 (1696 words) Published: September 16, 2013
Sociology is defined as the “systematic study of human society.” (Macionis 2) When breaking this definition down into simpler words, focus on four words: study, human, behavior, and society. The “study” of sociology refers to the application of scientific principles and methods. Sociology focuses on “humans”, not animals. Sociologists study a person’s “behavior”, not their thoughts or motivations. Finally, “society” is used because sociology is a term that is used for a social context. (Guzzo) C. Wright Mills coined the term “sociological imagination” and defined it as “the vivid awareness of the relationship between experience and the wider society.”(Mills) Sociological imagination helps people understand their society and how it affects their own lives. (Macionis 5) It shows how society impacts people and how people are impacted by society. Sociological imagination is a quality of mind and a way of thinking. It also uses information to observe what goes on throughout the globe. Individuals and society coexist in each other to yield the realities of a given social structure. Everyone has a personal biography that is somewhat altered by the events that occur throughout their life. However, not everything in society impacts people in the same way. Sociological imagination is an intersection of a person’s life and social world. Thus meaning, people have quirks about themselves that they cannot display in the public eye in order to fit into society. (Guzzo) Issues must have at least two sides, a “pro” and a “con”. Different perspectives may be used to view each issue, making them multifaceted. (Donovan) Based on experience or background, issues that may be a concern for one person or a group of people may not be an issue for others. On the other hand, problems usually do not have a good side. The cause and solution to a problem may vary, but in the end, something needs to change. Like issues, problems are also multifaceted. Personal efficacy and locus of control are the two main factors that determine if issues/problems are personal or social. Personal efficacy is the control or power an individual has to correct a certain issue or problem. This can be measured on a scale from “high” to “low”. Locus of control is the scale at which an issue/problem can be solved most efficiently. This measurement can range from “individual” to “global”. Personal issues/problems can be resolved by the individual or the individuals involved. In this case, personal efficacy for change is high and locus of control is at the individual level. In contrast, social issues/problems involve a large group of people and can be resolved by multiple people. Personal efficacy for change is low and locus of control is at the society or global level. (Guzzo) Bob Dylan wrote and performed the song “Blowin in the Wind,” which was a top hit on his album The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan. The song was produced in 1962 and presents a very popular issue during that time: The Vietnam War. This song represents all of the flaws associated with human nature and the world around us, so much hatred and anger. I chose this song because I believe Dylan does an excellent job in showing what this world has come to when referencing to discrimination, war, death, and despair. The social issue that stands out the most in this song is the idea of the Vietnam War. In the first stanza of “Blowin in the Wind,” Dylan writes “How many times must the cannon balls fly before they are forever banned?” Now, decades later, war still presents social issues. Every morning, we see negativity on the news about the death toll and the unintentional bombings that are occurring in the Middle East. Some argue this is a positive thing to be there, guiding them to create a strong government for the people. It is hard to even begin to comprehend the evil and sinful acts that humans have the ability to commit against each other. Dylan says it all when he says, “The...
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