Sociology Internal Assessment

Topics: Religion, Sociology, Émile Durkheim Pages: 10 (2461 words) Published: April 28, 2011
Caribbean Studies Internal Assessment 2011|
Student Name: Kadeesha Rianna Alexander|
Class: Form Six (6) Upper Modern Studies|
Centre Number: 160002Registration Number: 1600020930|

Table of Contents

Introduction and Purpose of Research
Literature Review
Data Collection Sources

Presentation of Findings

Interpretation of Findings


Conclusion/Limitations of the Research/Recommendations


A.S.J.A. Girls’ College, San Fernando started off as a school where students gained entry on a private level and was located at Cipero Street, San Fernando. There was an enrolment of one hundred (100) students which was divided into three forms: Forms 1A Special, 1A and 1B. Girls occupied the upper floor and boys made use of the ground floor. In 1968, A.S.J.A. Girls’ and Boys’ College were relocated to 33-35 Park Street, San Fernando. The new structure consisted of a Principal’s office, Staffroom, Library, Science Laboratory and classrooms on both the upper and lower storeys. It also consisted of a mosque which was located at the back of the building and shared with the boys who were housed separately from the girls. Ever since the days of being a private school, religion has always been a top priority to the administration of A.S.J.A. Girls’ College. All the Muslim students who attend the institution are required to go to the Mosque during the stipulated sixth period every Friday and they are all quite diligent when it comes to their religious beliefs and practices. This made me begin to wonder if all the students of A.S.J.A. Girls College, not just the Muslim students were as diligent about their religion and also their academics. I decided to target the fifth form students as they are in preparation for their very crucial CSEC Examinations. Religion serves as a means of comfort or control to individuals and hence leads to social order in society. The diligence of the Muslim students encouraged me to study the importance of religion in not only their lives but as well as the other students of many different religious beliefs and practices and the significance of academics in accordance with their religious beliefs.

Statement of Problem

What is the impact of religion on the academic performance of the fifth form students of A.S.J.A. Girls College, San Fernando?

Aim and Objectives

To investigate the impact of religion on the academic performance of the fifth form students of A.S.J.A. Girls College, San Fernando

1. To determine whether or not students who more actively participate in religious activities perform academically better than students who do not. 2. To investigate how important religion is to form five (5) students. 3. To assess the importance of academics to students who actively participate in their religious practices as well as students who do not.

Literature Review
In today’s society, religion can be defined in various ways and may take different forms. Sociologists believe that there are two basic approaches to deal with the issue, that is, from a functional or substantive definition. The functional definition seeks to highlight the roles religion performs for individuals and society whilst the substantive is concerned with its content. As stated by Tischler (2004) “religion is a system of beliefs, practices, and philosophical values shared by people.” In determining the importance of religion to students we need to know their understanding of it, how religious they are and its significance in developing their character. Functionalist Emile Durkheim (1961) stated that religion is important for reinforcing social norms and values and creating social solidarity. According to Durkheim as cited in Tischler (2004),...

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