Sociology and Environmental Justice

Topics: Sociology, Social movement, Social movements Pages: 3 (315 words) Published: July 25, 2015
Week 5 Quiz
1. The term ______________ refers to the “societal expectations about the attitudes and behavior of a person viewed as being ill” (Schaefer, 2015). a. Mental illness
b. Sick role
c. Morbidity
d. Mortality.

2. Epidemics, such as Ebola, are studied by social _______________, who are concerned with how diseases spread and also with the general health of a population. a. epidemiologists
b. endocrinologists
c. hematologists
d. psychologists

3. The movement that fights against the disproportionality of environmental hazards among racial minorities and the lower class is: a. Environmental justice
b. Ecological modernization
c. Pollutant justice
d. Gay rights

4. According to Schaefer (2015), “Sociologists use the term _______________ to refer to an organized collective activity to bring about or resist fundamental change in an existing group or society.” a. Pep rally

b. Social movement
c. Social economy
d. environmentalism

5. The two social explanations for why social movements emerge are relative deprivation and _______________. a. Environmental justice
b. Social integration
c. Resource mobilization
d. Social epidemiology

6. All of the following are examples of a new social movement, except: a. Labor movement
b. Gay rights
c. Women’s movement
d. Environmental justice

7. The ________________ theory of social change sees societal progress as inevitable. a. Functionalist
b. Conflict
c. Evolutionary
d. None of the above.

8. ________________ look at how society adjusts to changes to maintain its stability. a. Functionalists
b. Conflict theorists
c. Biologists
d. None of the above.

9. “Ogburn introduced the term ________________ to refer to the period of maladjustment when the nonmaterial culture is still struggling to adapt to new material conditions” (Schaefer, 2015). a. Social construction

b. Resource mobilization
c. Environmental justice
d. Cultural lag

10. _______________ is one...
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