Topics: Sociology, Child, Change Pages: 2 (531 words) Published: November 25, 2013
Using material from item 2B and elsewhere assess different sociological explanations of changes in the status of childhood. (24 marks) Childhood is socially constructed, the only reason that 'childhood' exists is because society makes it that way. Over time childhood has changed as different norms and values over each century of life have been different and are still changing today. Also in different places of the world there are different cultures and ethics so therefore their view of childhood will also be different. Childhood has not always been controlled in pre-industrial times; Aries argues that childhood is socially constructed and that ‘the idea of childhood did not exist’ soon after being weaned, the child entered wider society on much the same terms as an adult. Childhood has changed overtime as it says in item 2B “Aries describes a medieval world in which, if children were not actually the equal of adults, they nethertheless mixed freely with adults in work and leisure. Little distinction was drawn between children and adults.” Today we can tell “childhood” is a lot different, where the adults are more in control of the children for example they may have control on their free time, routines, games, programs etc. Childhood is much different now as although neglect is still present, there are laws imposed to protect children, such as the 1989 Child Protection Act. The March of Progress view would agree that childhood is better now than it was due to laws like this. On the other hand Neil Postman says that “childhood is disappearing at a dazzling speed” he suggests that traditionally, knowledge about sex, money, violence, illness, death and other “adult” matters were kept secret from children. These things were mysteries to children. However, Postman argues that in modern society, children are growing up faster than ever, and childhood is disappearing. In society today, childhood can be seen as though the children are too determined to grow up a lot...
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