Sociological Perspective on the Movie Pleasentville

Topics: Sociology, Change, Life Pages: 3 (852 words) Published: October 14, 2012
Sociological Perspective of Pleasantville
Pleasantville is a motion picture that was released in 1998 which is a fictional drama on how life evolves. The main Characters are teenage twins David and Jennifer (played by Tobey McGuire and Reese Wetherspoon) David and Jennifer life Is not li the perfect life that is betrayed on Pleasantville that David was fascinated with. Life is in fact perfect in Pleasantville; the families are perfect, the school is perfect, the weather is perfect, the relationships between parents and kids are perfect, and the relationships between kids are perfect. One night while arguing over the TV remote, David and his twin sisters Jennifer are sent back into the fictional place of Pleasantville. When sent into Pleasantville Jennifer is extremely upset and David is excited to be in the fictional life of Pleasantville. Pleasantville is perfect because there are no outside influences, until David and Jennifer arrive. No one in Pleasantville knows anything beyond their limited experiences in Pleasantville, which is a world without real life experiences? Pleasantville is perfect and every day is the same. Jennifer’s impact on Pleasantville is more influenced and had a greater impact then David. Jennifer did not want or need the “perfect life”, that Pleasantville had to offer. Since Jennifer did not watch the television series, Pleasantville, her values she learned the 1990s caused her to change the lives of the characters living in Pleasantville. Her free spirit was adored and the women of Pleasantville started to gain their own sense of self-confidence. Mary Sue’s Mother was the first to observe this and take action in becoming a woman with more freedom. Mary Sue’s Mother was one of the first housewives to change color once she found her inner self and who she really was. The sociological perspective: that Jennifer had on the women of Pleasantville shows how one person’s views and opinions, can have a major impact on a group of people, but...
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