Society Does Not Bind Me

Topics: Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg, Social network service Pages: 1 (453 words) Published: July 9, 2013
Society Does Not Bind Me
It’s rightly said, ‘the future belongs to those who dare to dream’. If you have goals and want to accomplish things by your own choices then the world is yours to conquer. No one can bind you though they try can only try to limit your decisions but you should have the courage to move forward. This was well presented by Martin Luther King Jr. and, Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of facebook, the social networking site. Martin Luther King Jr. was the leader of the people’s party who fought for the segregation of blacks in the USA in the 1950’s. He believed that all of the citizens should have equal rights and opportunities and should not be discriminated on the basis of caste, creed or color. He was opposed by thousands yet he was firm on his stand and had a clear goal and a mission to accomplish so as to have equal opportunities for all. Later when he had achieved he was even honoured with the Noble Peace Prize for bringing about peace and for the cause of his fight for equal human rights. Another example from the today’s IT world is of the famous social networking site, Mark Zuckerberg had the vision of connecting the whole world through internet and a social networking site and he was aware of the fact that in the coming times, telephonic conversations, e-mails and other messaging techniques might fail and would not be able to connect you about a friend, family member or other relative living far away from you. He was criticised by many fellow financers and investors saying it was a vague dream and an IT nightmare. He, with the help of a few friends, at a personal front created the social networking site and when it turned out to be a hit all the doubters started applauding him. The whole world got the access to a platform which connected them with friends living far away and above of all it was free of cost. It is not necessary that every time things turn out to be a success but if you have the vision and work in the right...
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