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Carolina Mangiaruga
ENG 101.0812
Professor Lam
Research Paper – Final Draft
December 3, 2013

As the saying goes, “Our children are our future” and who you are as a child can determine who you can be later on in life. It is important for a child to be in a safe, comfortable and loving environment during its development so that the child can have the full advantage to become the best he can be in his future. My future career as a social worker will ensure just that. I chose this profession because of my own history. Growing up, I’ve had my share of social workers in my house. I experienced them as people who helped my family during a hard time. This is a career where I can fight for people’s rights. I will also be able to protect those who are vulnerable and give support to those who need it. I want to be able to have a positive impact on others as social workers have had on my family.

According to the Occupational Handbook, there are two different kinds of social workers; “direct-service social workers who help people solve and cope with problems in their everyday lives, and clinical social workers, who diagnose and treat mental, behavioral, and emotional issues.” My main focus would be children and family. This will fall under the direct-service social worker. The description of this job would be to provide social service and assist improvement of the social and psychological functions of the children and their families. Also I would try to maximize families well-being and children’s academic functions. I may be able to do so by assisting parents, arranging adoptions, or by finding foster homes for abandoned children or in any dangerous situation the children may be in. If the child was removed and the danger has been address, I may also work to help unify the family. I may act as an advisor, an advocate or even just a listener and to do my best to make sure they have the best option available for them. Overall I work and support the children and families to find and develop long lasting solutions.

I’ve learned from the Occupational Handbook that a bachelor’s degree in social work is required. But also, in many cases you may be able to become employed by having a similar degree such as psychology or sociology. As of now I am currently enrolled in LaGuardia community College majoring in psychology. My plan is to transfer to Hunter College to get my bachelor’s degree. However, I do not plan to end there. I’ve learned that in the state of New York, a competitive and demanding need for social workers, a bachelor degree may not be enough to earn a successful position. I plan to complete my master’s in social work (MSW). From what I’ve learned on the Occupational Handbook, “a degree in almost any major is acceptable” to enter the MWS program. This means that with my bachelor’s in psychology I would be able to get in the program. In the MWS program it may take an additional two years to complete and in the state of New York it also requires a license (LMSW) as well to become a social worker.

After all the hard work and challenges I may face academically, I’ve learned that I may also face emotional challenges once I have my foot stepped into the career. Although I believe I have an emotionally strong personality, this career as a social worker still can be stressful. As my responsibility to make decisions about the welfare of the children and families, I may be faced with difficult situations such as not being able to help everyone in the way I hope. Some of my clients or cases may be stuck because of obstacles created by the legal system, courts, schools or other kinds of institutions. Because of this there can be times when there is really little that I can do. In cases like this, it can become really frustrating and emotionally challenging for myself. In other cases, some people may not want my help. Since I cannot control how client behaves I am still mandatory to give them the tools and recourses they need...

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