social security act

Topics: Great Depression, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Unemployment Pages: 2 (644 words) Published: November 22, 2013

During the 1930s the Great Depression provoked the ugly crisis in the nation's economic life. The Great Depression left millions people unemployed, and with no money. It was a hard time to American since the majority of people were becoming homeless. América Changed dramatically banks were out of business, and saving accounts vanished. Also businesses went bankrupt; therefore most of the people in america were unemployed. The hard work of president Franklin Roosevelt, and other senators help creating safeness for all americans call social security act of 1935. In the book “ Our Document” by Michael Beschloss he discusses how Social Security act was created, and the benefits of it. This acts was to help the older age pension, welfare, and unemployment. This act was to provide security for the individual and his family, and to provide relief after the Great Depression. One of the basic objectives of the act was to protect the elderly and the disabled against expenses of illnesses that could otherwise drain their savings. This essentially kept families together by giving children the opportunity to grow up in health and security. Since many elders loses everything in the Great Depression including their savings they started to becoming homeless, and their families could not do anything to help them because they were out of money too. According to Our Documents presidents Roosevelts stated that, “ Nor could the elderly depend on their struggling families in such hard economic times” (pg.164). It was such a bad times that the elders were struggling to survive, and they were also not in a condition to work again, so they really need the help from the government President Roosevelts stated, “ The act created a uniquely American solution to the problem of old age pension” (pg.164). The Social Security Act was a big help for the older people because over half of the elderly in America lacked sufficient income to be self supporting. Social Security also...
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