Social Science vs Natural Science - How Singaporeans Have Reacted Towards the Fare Hike and Also Whether the Increase in Public Transports Fares Is Justifiable.

Topics: Social sciences, Public transport, Science Pages: 4 (1431 words) Published: August 17, 2012
Social sciences analyse systematically the social realm of the world. They are integrative area of study of human behaviour and society which encompasses disciplines of anthropology, economics, political science, psychology and sociology. Social sciences study methodically the manner in which people behave and how they influence the world around us. It aims to comprehend any given social phenomena by using a methodology borrowed from the physical sciences. Social sciences and natural sciences differ not only in the field of study, but also in their research approaches. Natural sciences are the study of natural world. They use scientific method to study about nature and relate to everything else in nature such as the animals, earth, plants and so forth. It covers topics such as physics, chemistry, and even mathematics. The methodology approach for natural sciences can be considered to be mainly experimental as they deal with tangible objects. Social sciences cannot employ exactly that same methodology as the natural sciences, even though they are considered scientific disciplines. Their methodology approach is based more on observing the available facts which is called scientific observation. The field of study for natural sciences and social sciences have different areas of interests and focus on separate boundaries. A research in natural sciences would likely take place in a laboratory. However, when doing research in social sciences, a laboratory is not required. According to Digital Journal (2011), “the differences between natural sciences and social sciences are not merely in how the research is carried out in both but more about the ethics which each pursues. Natural sciences base theories on concrete structural forms, whereas social sciences tend to apply speculations and predictions more.” It has been clearly stated that social sciences and natural sciences have their differences in their research approaches. However, the differences are not to be...
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