Social Psychology Definition Paper

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Social Psychology Definition Paper

PSY 400

Tara Young

Social psychology is very interesting and impacts the world in different ways. Of course one must be social in order to survive in the world today. Some like to know what makes one operate and why they do certain things. So let’s talk about a few of those things like how is social psychology different from other things like sociology, anthropology and psychology as a whole. What is Social Psychology?

According to class readings social psychology is the study of social thinking, influence as well as relations (Myers, 2010). When you think about social influence it is how others words and actions reflect on our thoughts and how we feel or our attitude towards somethings. That means how one act depends on how other people treat them which in turn determines how they act and sometimes even assume how others feel about them.

No matter what one may think every person is in some way influenced by what other people think or even what they may say about them. Because of how individual process thoughts and just because most times people are always wondering how others feel or what they think about them it affects how they interact socially. Think about peer pressure which in essence is a type of persuasion as to a person trying to change one’s mind about a thing to go the way they want it to (Myers, 2010). Television is one of the most social influential things we have today you have the rappers, singers and actresses influencing those by what they wear or how one should behave. At election time our presidential race is dependent on getting as many votes from the people as you can so that they are elected and sometimes this means by any means necessary. One of the other biggest social influences is in school which is another example of peer pressure and how one can influence another by trying to get them to do drugs, drink or even do sexual things that particularly are not allowed and that...

References: Myers, D. G. (2010). Social Psychology (10th ed.). Holland, Michigan: McGraw Hill.
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