Social Problems

Topics: Sociology, Non-renewable resource, Roe v. Wade Pages: 2 (542 words) Published: April 3, 2013
Except for the past 150 years our country has depended on renewable energy. Hopefully, one day we will be depending on that same energy. As geoscientist M. King Hubbert’s diagram reveals that constant growth from finite resources is impossible. There are three types of phenomena shown in Hubbert’s diagram that an industrial society must deal. He shows a lower curve that represents the rise, culmination, and decline in the production rate of any non renewable resource, second which is the middle curve that represents the rise and leveling off of the production of a renewable resource. The third curve is the mathematical curve of exponential growth. Hubbert makes very strong points when discussing social problems.

Our country has already shown that with we can not follow the increase of unlimited exponential growths with out exhaustible resources. Social problems are conditions that at least some people in a community view as being undesirable. There are considered to be certain social problems that are recognized as a “real threat” and then there are some that are not recognized at all. Further more in America there are social problems that concern society on a certain level but are not considered a threat to the economical outlook. We also have social conditions that are recognized to begin with, then are analyzed to a specific curriculum, possibly to a scientific method, and then they might not be considered as a social problem to the majority. First, the objective is considered. Then, the condition has to revolve a gap and a condition. Thirdly, a majority of the population has to consider the problem to actually be one. Finally, the problem would then have to be solvable. The degree of these problems are also a great way to categorize them for instance if the people are affected by the problem and a re influenced, rapid conditions come on suddenly and get important real fast, and rapid messaging (advertisement) by Internet, twitter, facebook, ect....
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