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Social Movement and Social Change

By AzeemAkola Oct 22, 2014 838 Words

Introduction:- Social science is the science where we learn the behavior of human being while studying human being we must clear some basic concepts here I try to explain some basic concept about the social movement & social change. Social movement are different than communal behavior its more objective & organized however, communal behavior is spontaneous but for social movement there is strong need of organization must of social movement found in the well industrials developed countries. As well as social movement found in large numbers in democratic countries, rather the circumstances in the democratic countries are positive for the development of social movement. In historical context we found the beginning of social movement in modern India from the British rule after broadcasting of education. Indian society integrated western ideology the influence of humanitarian principle the influence of liberty equality & fraternity was become raze. so that people has realize inhuman customs & traditions in this way people may also realize needs of social reforms from that social movements begins in India. MEANING OF SOCIAL MOVEMENT

Social change and development is continues procedure but kind of social change has never happened automatically so many rezones behind the social changes. There are lots of organization and individual efforts behind it. Social movement means the compound of efforts for the deliberate social change. Or deliberate efforts of protest made by society for particular object. “A social movement is collective enterprises to established a new order of life – Herberd Blumer Social movement means a collective efforts by committee of people who want to make large number of change into the people attitude. Continuous efforts are very essential for any kind of social change Famous American sociology thinker say there are two type of process is continuously happening in society. 1)The process which gives stability to society.

2)The process which gives change to society.
The father of modern sociology August compete describe the three stages of social changes “In its basic sense social change means change in a social structure” Harry Johnson. Meaning of social changes

The roles, sub group standard & values are basic limit of social of structure. These element are co-relative with each others from view of Harry Johnson in sociology a systematic induction he explain as follows -Change in social value.

-Institution change
-Changes in distribution of possession and rewards
-Change in personnel
-Change in abilities and attitudes of personnel
Procedure social change itself is complicated. Change is movable as well as slowly procedure. Pro. W.E. Moore explain it characteristics in modern references. Universality social change is community change essentially unequal speed comparability definite prediction is not possible. SOCIAL CHANGE AND SOCIAL INTERACTION

The relation between social changes for more than interaction, rather social value. Interaction & change has close relation for sample labor organization & capitalization. FACTS OR CAUSES OF SOCIAL CHANGE

1)Geographical: - social change is some depend on geographical atmosphere earthquake oriented reign, social change in that particular area. 2)Demographic:- The change in demography explain plenty of changes, rather it is one of the important factoring social change there is type of demography such as literate, illiterate young, old, ladies and gents. Productive & unproductive in this way it is also very important factors. 3)Biological: - Biological term is very much related with hereditary as Darwin says the change in society biologically is very lengthy process. 4)Economical factor: - Also has very affirmative impact on social change for example after 1991 economic reforms & stapes of L.P.G. in Indian economy. 5)Technological Factors: - In today modern edge technological factor is also very important for social change. Along with Industrialization there is arrival as so many social problems also society experienced and with social problem there is plenty of solutions also available. 6)Cultural factor :- The change in culture means, as social we live in a typical cultured with ritual beliefs , arts and some more values as well as laws the changes in all that indicator was cultural change has happened in short there so many other facts also, which play very important role in social change. YPES OF SOCIAL CHANGES

The process, evolution, progress & adoption, reforms and revolution is the main type of social changes. OBSTACLES IN SOCIAL CHANGE
While studying the social changes there are not equal speed of social changes in society. There are following obstacles, Traditional approach, lack of knowledge, habits, protests against new findings & research, Doubt Personnel greediness. All these may slow the speed of social changes. CONCLUSION:-

In this way we have come to know very well from above discussion that every social movement can change the society, provided appropriate programmed, policy, process, principle is needed. Because change is the truthful fact on the earth & human efforts may only brings change in society with their immortal devotion. REFERENCE:-

1)Dr. Aaglave Pradeep - sociological concepts , sainath prakashan, Nagpur 2)Dr. Lote R.J. - social concept. Pimplapure publication Nagpur 3)Totare Manohar - Sociology , Vidybharti publication.

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