Social Media Saturated Society

Topics: Facebook, Sociology, Social network aggregation Pages: 5 (1706 words) Published: May 15, 2013
We live in a world of drones preoccupied by checking notifications on Facebook and responding to their next text message. Social media is described as electronic devices that enable communication of media, news and conversation between people. With a mounting 1.6 billion active Facebook members as of 2013, aside from Google Facebook is the most popular website in America (Smith, 2013). Online communities such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are not the only thing distracting the populous. Cell phones, mobile applications and interactive gaming are just a few examples of social media in the 21st century. One can't help but wonder what kind of effects relentless participation in social media will have on our body and our mind. Our future generations are being conditioned to wake up and text until they fall back asleep. Children are spending more hours a day interacting with electronics than spending time with their family or engaging in physical activities (Hutton, 2013). Studies are proving kids growing up spending this amount of time engulfed in social-media results in less participation in the classroom and lowered grades (Hutton, 2013). Teenagers are more likely to become involved with dangerous activities such as drug abuse, drinking and sexual activity (Frank, 2010). Many may not know the negative impact social media can have on one's health and the astonishing new findings actually state it may be altering the way our genes work (“Online networking 'harms health,'” 2009). Studies are proving that spending too much time sucked into social networking is hazardous to the well-being and growth of adolescents; therefore parents need to limit how much time their children are hypnotized by social media.It would seem, with hundreds of Facebook friends, people would have an abundant social life, but surprisingly it is the exact opposite. Dr Sigman, who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology, a Master of Science degree in The Neurophysiological Basis of Behavior, and a Ph.D. in the field of the role of attention in autonomic nervous system self-regulation studies how social media is effecting people today. His results went beyond people creating isolation stating, “lack of face-to-face networking could alter the way genes work, upset immune responses, hormone levels, the function of arteries, and influence mental performance” (“Online networking 'harms health,'” 2009). These findings indicate our current social media addiction may be causing biological side effects. Dr. Sigman also found shocking information stating people who are media-dependent, “could increase the risk of health problems as serious as cancer, strokes, heart disease, and dementia” (“Online networking 'harms health,'” 2009). Most people have no idea the dangerous health concerns that Dr. Sigman brings to light. Social media is booming like never before, and the majority of Americans are at risk for these negative effects. A large amount of the people in the United States that participate in social media are teenagers and children. A website that was made for family education is coming fourth with astonishing information, broadcasting that children are spending more time involved with social media devices than spending time with their family, being in school, or even sleeping. The article reveals,In just five years, media use has increased from 6 ½ to nearly 7 ½ hours a day in children between the ages of 8 and 18. Even more alarming - children have become master multitaskers, often using two or more media devices at the same time. Counting each device separately, these kids have found a way to cram in a total of 10 hours and 45 minutes of media content into those 7 ½ hours.(Hutton, 2013, para. 3) That is seven hours that could be spent reading books, engaging in real face to face communication with their family, or running around outside using their imagination like generations before this media craze began. These “media saturated” children are...

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