Social Institutions in Trinidad and Tobago

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Social Institutions in Trinidad and Tobago

Social Institutions such as family and religion play a major role in determining consumer behaviour because of their highly influential role in today’s society. Their effect is even more telling when it comes to consumer behaviour in Trinidad and Tobago and the world as a whole.

Entertainment’s appeal and influence on consumer behaviour in Trinidad and Tobago is highlighted by the media. This has caused the media to be seen as a social institution not only in Trinidad and Tobago but worldwide also.

The dependency on all things media has been the catalyst for a movement away from the social norms and values bestowed upon us by the social pillars of family and religion. Although lessened by the effects of present day status quo, the family and religion still feature heavily in controlling the volumes of media broadcasted to today’s youth. Media must also show social responsibility by delivering their packages in a wholesome manner.

With the steady increase in knowledge and technology, consumers have become more informed and accessible to information outlets which help them make decisions. The role of the family in this case is to guide this process by moulding and shaping the minds of the youth. The family use morals- socially acceptable behaviour to teach. Most of the time the young will imitate or follow what they see. Therefore the onus is usually on the family to set a good example that can be followed. This is the best way in which certain types of behaviour is learned such as in this case consumer behaviour.

For example if a child grows up seeing his father purchase clothes seen being advertised in the media, chances are he will follow suit. Another example of consumer behaviour in entertainment being affected by family influence is the type of movies or television shows watched by the parents. Youth have been found to adapt to the styles of entertainment enjoyed not only by their peers but also their...
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