Social Change and Modernization

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Social Change and Modernization
SOC 120
Social change is the transformation of culture and social institutions over time and is the result of invention, discovery, social conflict, and cultural diffusions. Society is constantly changing to conform to our way of living and will continue to change as new technology is introduced to our world. Some countries change faster than others but the entire world is subject to social changes. Along with the changes come social movements that either encourage or discourage social change such as the civil rights movement of the 1950-60’s. During the time of the civil rights movement African American men and women protested against segregation and racial discrimination they faced. Other movements include the women’s rights movement that began in 1848 which fought for women’s rights and the labor union movement which has been around since 1607. Worker who belong to a union are able to fight for better pay and or better working environment. A modern day movement is the LGBT movement that fights for social acceptance of lesbians, gays, bi-sexual, and transgendered citizens.

Modernization is the process of social change begun by industrialization and the key features of modernization are the weakening of traditional communities, expansion of personal choice, increasingly diverse beliefs, and a keen awareness of the future. Examples of modernization are the use of auto mobiles which takes us to destinations faster than before. Computers and phones help us communicate with people from all over the world without even leaving our home. Even the way people are treated for health care facilities is changing and people are living longer. Social change and modernization go hand in hand. One can’t function without the other because conforming to changes needs to be established to make sure the changes last.
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