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Topics: Broadcasting, Communication, Psychology Pages: 1 (333 words) Published: February 19, 2013
Social Media influenced us, and our human development. While many people don’t see the actual influence the media plays in our every day to day life, watching those videos and our class decision, I now understand how it doesn’t just shape who we are but also influence us every day. People believe they have their own personal style, the way they communicate and their every own personality, but the truth is they get “their” style and personality along with their communication skills come from the media, mainly the TV.

Wither it be the commercial or the different TV shows, people see different clothes and haircuts that are now “in style.” Next thing you know those personal styles change yet again to be “in”. Watching those TV shows influence the personality of everyone who watch them. Some see the news on TV and think they can do the things the criminals can do, or they think the news is worse than what it really is. The news does that very well, they add more to drama to each story that comes their way. If we aren’t careful we will fall for their drama and be more scared or more careless of what is really happening in the world. Not to mention the communication the media has destroyed. When growing up before texting, people could talk face to face without fright (most of them), but now people hide behind the technology media sells. When watching TV or listening to the Radio, there’s always some commercial for the “next big thing”, what people don’t get, is we don’t need these things, more or less we just need to enjoy them but not let them take over who we really are.

In conclusion, media can be helpful. But media can also be dangerous in the wellbeing of our human development. Our style, personality, and communication development as humans can be harmed with the social media. Don’t let the media shape you, let you shape the media.
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