So this is Permance

Topics: Mother, Parent, Pregnancy Pages: 2 (565 words) Published: January 8, 2014
So This Is Permanence
This story is about a teenage girl named Sarah she is 16 years old. Sarah is giving birth to a baby boy, the father is a guy named Daniel he is 17 years old. Sarah wants to get an abortion, even though she hasn’t spoken to anybody about the pregnancy. She can’t find a clinic where she could get an abortion. When she had given birth she struggles to take care of the baby, her mother and sister wants Sarah to take full responsibility over the baby, so they aren’t helping out that much. Sarah isn’t that happy for her child she is even thinking about leaving him random place. When she is out eating one day, Daniel is sitting with some friends at the same diner, she ask them to take care of the baby and then just drives off. Characterize Sarah:

Sarah is an immature teenager that can’t take responsibility, she is quite excited about leaving high school but when she is home she wants to go back to the school. She doesn’t really think about the consequences for her actions. She doesn’t love the baby, he cries all the time so she is really annoyed by him as well. Comment on the incident in the diner:

Sarah takes the easy way out, even though its a hard choise. The hard thing she could have done, from my point of view would be confront Daniel with the news of he being the father and he got the right to know ofcourse. But just leaving the baby is so easy, couse then she dont have to be there for Daniel to find out he is the father even though, Daniel can conclude that he is the father. But she throws all he responsablility away from the child there, even though its probertly gonna come back and hit he hard since they know that she is the mother. But she can see it from Daniel's point of view, that he havn't confronted he with it she would have done excatly the same if she were in Daniels position. Good contra bad parts of teen parenthood.

The good thing is the parent, would still evolve and they can do that together if of course the...
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