So Much to Tell You

Topics: Novel, Change, Face Pages: 3 (941 words) Published: October 16, 2010
The novel, ‘So Much To Tell You’ by John Marsden explores the concept of growth and change through the character, Marina, and her struggle to become whole. The contrast of Marina’s character from the beginning of the novel to the end portrays her development during her journey to heal. The composer uses techniques to convey Marina’s growth and change throughout the novel. Initially, Marina is isolated and detached from the world she once knew. She begins in a tone harsh and cold. “It would stay a cold and empty book, with no secrets.” Her tone is blunt as she describes herself as the “nut case, the psycho with the deformed face” and the “silent freak” suffering from “anorexia of speech”. The main aspect isolating Marina from growing and healing is her muteness, “Silence, always my fortress, sometimes my prison.” The use of juxtaposition portrays how Marina’s fortress is a safe haven, protecting her and helping her to survive while it also contradicts as a prison, trapping and concealing her from the world. The composer uses symbolism to portray Marina’s imprisonment and abandonment. “I drew lots of stripes, which weren’t stripes at all, but were bars, prison bars.” By disconnecting herself from others, it prevents Marina from forming relationships with those who can help her grow and change. Marina hides behind a mask to avoid any emotional connection with others. She uses a tone of grief, “because part of my face is changed, I’m not the person I was before” to convey her regret in her lack of identity. Marina asks the rhetorical question, “am I my face?” implying the identity linked to her scarred features. The thought of a face portraying the characteristics of a person is contrasted to the idea of a person being identified by different qualities. As Marina changes, her mask is lowered and she begins to grow within others and herself. “How strange it is to be liked. I am accustomed to hatred and more comfortable with it.” Marina’s lack of trust towards...
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