Snack Food and Republic Biscuit Corporation

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Republic Biscuit Corporation (Rebisco) is a Philippine manufacturer of biscuits and snacks based in Novaliches, Quezon City, Philippines. It was established in 1963, founded by Jacinto Ng. Generations of Filipinos have been enjoying Rebisco’s basic portfolio of biscuits and now its wide range of snack foods. Rebisco started out in 1963 as England Biscuit Factory producing biscuits from a tiny rented second-hand factory in San Juan and with only a USD 5,000 in start-up (approximately P15,000 to P20,000). The company eventually moved out of the San Juan factory and moved to a new factory in Novaliches Quezon City. In 1972, England Biscuit Factory was renamed Republic Biscuit Corporation and adopted a new image. Through the years, the Rebisco put up several companies to dominate other segments of the market: JBC Food Corporation in 1989, Suncrest Foods Incorporated in 1995, Multirich Corporation in 1999, Pinnacle Foods Incorporated in 2000. In 2003, it acquired the Storck Products Incorporated and renamed it as SPI Corporation. Flagship brands

Choco Rio
Coco Biscuits
Fast Break
Jungle Bites
King Flakes
Rebisco Crackers
Rebisco Marie Time
Rebisco Sandwich
Rebisco Wafer Time
JBC Food Corporation
JBC was founded in 1989 to dominate the seeds and nuts market. The company is mainly engaged in the production of snacks like nuts, mixed nuts, watermelon seeds, squash seeds. Brands under the company include: •Barnuts

Captain Sid
Chikito Cracker Nuts
Dingdong Mixed Nuts
Dragon Sid
Happy Peanuts
Hi-Ho Nuts
Milkee Polvoron
Suncrest Foods Incorporated
Suncrest was established in 1995 to penetrate the potential of cake snacks in the Philippine market. It has become a dominant player in the cupcake industry. It even introduced packaged breads and premium cookies as a means of expanding the market. Suncrest currently carries the following brands: •Cake Jam

Cupp Keyk
Doowee Donut
Jam Bites
Fudgee Barr
Fudgee Bites
Mini Keyk
Mrs. Goodman
Multirich Foods Corporation
Multirich Foods Corporation was incorporated in 1999. Among its brand under its portfolio are: •Choco Mucho
Cookie Munch
Mr. Jiggles
Tiger Stix
SPI Corporation
In 2004, Rebisco acquired 60% of Storck Products, Inc., the company licensed to locally produce Storck, a eucalyptus menthol candy, by the Storck Durchbeisserand Riesen Schoko. The acquisition included the brands Lipps, Dreams, Judge, and Bazooka. It also manufactures the chococate Chooey Dewey. It was renamed as SPI Corporation. •Babble Joe

Mr. Yema
Pinnacle Foods Incorporated
Ban Chee
Criss Cross
Texas Wild
In 1972, it acquired a new image and name, becoming the Republic Biscuit Corporation (Rebisco) that we know today. With its growing extensive distribution network, market research, and technology and product development, Rebisco soon positioned itself as one of the major players in the snack food industry.From a basic portfolio of biscuits such as the famous and pioneering Rebisco Cracker Sandwiches that generations of Filipinos have loved, Rebisco now carries a wide variety of snack food ranging from nuts and seeds, cakes, wafers, breads, chips and curls, candies and gums, and chocolates.This growth transpired though the creation of new partners over time such as JBC Food Corp. (1989), Suncrest Foods Inc. (1995),Multirich Food Corp. and Pinnacle Foods Inc. (both in 1999), and SPI Corp.(2003).Until now, Rebisco is still true to its claim of providing "Best-Value Products" by maintaining quality at par with the best in the country. All products that leave the...
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