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Topics: Drug addiction, Alcoholism, Psychology Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: September 10, 2013
Meeting Rules and GuidelinesThese are the guidelines or 'ground rules' for SMART Recovery meetings.  These do not tell you what to think or believe - just what we expect of each within the meeting itself.  Sticking to these guidelines will keep the meetings effective and safe.  The facilitator will try and keep the meeting to these principles, but it is important to remember that everyone in the meeting should do their bit to keep the meeting on track.  1. Mobile PhonesAll mobile phones must be switched off or on Silent mode, unless you are the official SMART recovery call-handler. 2. We take responsible for our own decisions and behaviour and allow others to be responsible for theirs.We see addictive behaviour as the responsibility of the individual, even if the behaviour has a negative impact on others. We are welcome to attend meetings regardless of whether we are currently engaged in addictive behaviour or not, as long as we are not disruptive. This is a total abstinence meeting. If you have used drugs or consumed alcohol today, a decision will be made by the facilitator whether you will be permitted to attend. 3. Alcohol, drugs and associated paraphernalia are bannedIf you have on your person any of the above, you are asked to dispose of them outside of this venue. The only exception to this is over-the-counter medication and that prescribed by a qualified practitioner. 4. We respect confidentiality.We agree to not tell anyone outside the group about who attended or what was discussed at this meeting and may be barred from the meeting if we do so. We will however avoid sharing information that might be harmful to us.  We will not identify people as meeting attendees if we meet them outside the group. 5. We avoid side conversations and stay focused on the group.We are encouraged to ask questions and share ideas about what has helped me, which we describe as ‘cross talk’, but will avoid lengthy ‘war stories’. There is no obligation to contribute and I am...
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