Smart Green House System

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January 2013 Session

Smart Green House System is systems that can control the speed of fan depend on the temperature or the humidity of the surround environments detected. Besides that, it also can control the on/off of the curtain depend on the light intensity detected. Furthermore, this system also can control the intensity of house lamp with the related sensor.

This idea is come from the GO GREEN Concept. As we know, our mother earth is being polluted, and the main cause is from the greenhouse effect. So, it is important to save the electricity and reduce it usage in order to reduce the greenhouse effect. Therefore, this Smart Green House System is designed to reduce the usage of electricity without affect the comfortable of living style.

Basically, the operation of this system is very easy and clear. Firstly, this system has three sensors which is humidity sensor, temperature sensor and light intensity sensor. These sensors are used to detect the light, temperature and humidity and process to the microcontroller for converting it to a readable value. After that, the reading will display on a LCD display. Furthermore, the microcontroller is programmed to control the speed of fan, on/off of curtain and the intensity of lamps.

1. To study the different type of sensors.
2. To study how to program the microcontroller.
3. To study how to use a LCD display.
4. To study how to use the PWM to control the fan speed.
5. To study how to use the PWM to control the intensity of lamp. 6. To study how to create a motor to control the on/off of curtain. 7. To reduce the usage of electricity in order to greenhouse effect.

1. Able to detect the humidity, light intensity and temperature of surrounding environment. 2. Able to display the sensed value on a LCD display.
3. Able to control the speed of the fan when temperature and humidity...
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