Topics: Poverty, Wealth, Time, Debut albums, Change, Thing / Pages: 3 (552 words) / Published: Feb 3rd, 2013
Introduction: This brief journal is written by Suki Kim, titled "Facing Poverty with a Rich Girl's Habits", basically what I gathered here from reading is that this once rich young Asian female went through a process that she probably never could of imagined could happen. Unfortunetely it did and it was real enough to the point that her and her parents had to flee the Country simply because of the laws which would be punishable there for bankruptcy which would of resulted in jail time, so they decided to flee to America. I see this as a wake-up call for some people because some think that because they are rich that poverty could never happen to them and it can and will if you are not responsible in your decision making as her father saw which in turned changed thier lives forever for now. The purpose of this whole senerio is simple, we have to learn to adapt to changes no matter what and hopefully at some point in our lives learn to save for a rainy day incase things like this happen and we need to change to be able to live a somewhat normal life again without all the bells and whistles. This can be something that can happen to just about anyone no matter the age or gender or race, simply doesn't matter. I feel that she was striped of what she thought would be an everlasting future of wealth and maids and everything that any rich family would embrace, but it all came to an end abruptly. So her tone here is not of a good one yet she remained positive to move on and except that change has happened and that she now needs to learn English and also needs to learn how to survive and move on and learn new things. All those rich habits and memorys are a thing of the past. My feelings on this after reading it was I felt a little sorry for her and they way things happened simply because I guess I could place myself in her shoes and especiaally being young and in your Country and then having to leave your Country and come to America to learn a whole new

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